The creative spirit in Seattle runs deeper than what can be seen in the physical. It is in the blood of most Seattle residents. They will take what is available and come up with an innovation that will amaze the globe.

To start with, Seattle is located in a place where a volcanic eruption can easily take place. It is surrounded by hills and appears curvy, and to make it worse, Seattle is near a fault line.

The above factors have not limited the residents of Seattle. They have embraced creativity to make what is considered inhabitable a place where many desire to be associated with.

To survive in Seattle, you have to think beyond what the residents of other regions do. You have to be innovative and embrace the use of technology more than everyone else.

Here are some of the things that made Seattle become a magnet for creative minds:

  • Better opportunities: The amount of money that will be paid to a person working in Seattle is higher compared to what those that live in other cities get. This makes much desire to grab any opportunity that arises and settle in this city full of opportunities.
  • There is a huge potential to grow a talent: the level of technology in Seattle is very high. This has made those whose careers are technical in nature to come to Seattle. They will be able to excel as what they learned in school will be put into good use.
  • A lot of the big brands have their foundation in Seattle: some of these are Amazon, Microsoft, Nordstrom, REI, and Starbucks. The creative minds will definitely be attracted to Seattle so that they can get a chance to work in one of these companies.
  • Digital transformation: Seattle is always steps ahead when it comes to technology. The younger generation who love trying out new things will love being in such an atmosphere.

Considering that every Seattle resident is looking for ways to make his life better through the use of technology, more creative minds will keep coming to this technology-driven city.